I love the concept and design of this desk created by Miguel Mestre. Sheets of paper are useed for the main part of the desk to represent the concept of 'Freedom' from the 'boundaries of your notebook pages and post-its'. This would be perfect for me as I love to doodle, and it would be great to have a giant sketch book literally at your fingertips whilst you work, its just unfortunate I have no room for one!


Suits You

Sounds really geeky, but I'm into nice papers and good stock and love a bit of pulp board! Working for a design and print company we see many catalogues for paper mills come through our doors, GF Smith being one of the studios faves - but this one for Italian paper company Fedrigoni is particularly different to any others I have seen before. Leeds based graphic designer, Jonathan Shackleton, decided to mirror the quality of the paper with the quality of the Italian fashion houses (and with Fedrigoni's client base mainly consisting of fashion labels it makes this design even more appropriate). I love the hands on approach with this concept and always think something with which you can interact with is extremely effective. Being able to make the suits yourself you get a feel for the texture of the papers and how the different colours can work together and really portrays Fedrigoni's beliefs that their paper is "ultra functional yet wonderfully expressive"



We have all heard of the saying "If it's not broken, don't fix it" but in this case its more like "If it's broken, leave it". These accidental works of art were taken by William Miller on his dodgey broken polaroid camera.  The camera was nearly returned before he realised it produced lovely snapshots of all different colours and abstract imagery. Is it ok that I now want to try and brake my own polaroid camera? I should probably just hold off on that idea and buy the prints instead.



I love these images by artist Anna Schuleit. Set over four floors of a mental health centre in Massachusettes, the floral visuals were created to address the absence of flowers in psychiatric hospitals. The now unused, drab and institutional building was covered with over 28,000 potted blooming flowers, all offering an array of different colour's and scents, breathing a little life back into  a tired and worn out building.



So now I am on official countdown until me and my friends set off to Barcelona for all the delights the city has to offer as well as Primavera Sound Festival at the end of May. As I can no longer contain my excitement I have already started putting together a list of places and tourist spots I would like to visit, first and foremost is of course - a good little tapas bar. One that seemed to pop up quite often in my culinary search was Tapas 24, which has got a lot of good recommendations on other foodie blogs. After a bit more research I found not only does the food look good, but so does the branding, something which I like to go hand in hand - when someone takes pride in their branding, you know they are going to put the same care and attention into the food, my mouth is watering already - only 49 days to go...



The slightly disturbing, but beautiful in their own right, portraits taken by Hamburg-based photographer Carsten Witte



Loving this creation of geode street art by A Common Name. These intricate little paper sculptures are found in the streets of L.A in empty holes and pipes of the planned out city. I like the clever contrast of something you would usually find in a natural environment popping up in unexpected street locations. If I ever take a trip to L.A I shall keep an eye out for the interesting little treasures amongst the bricks.



Gracing the pages of French Vogue this month are these gorgeous images, a result of a collaboration between Tim Walker and Grace Coddington. With not only one of the most iconic supermodel's Kate Moss taking centre stage, these photos are also set in probably the most iconic hotel in the world, The Ritz - Paris. With The Ritz taking a huge renovation (which will not be revealed until 2014) this is a fashionable farewell to a great hotel that has been first choice to some of the legends of fashion, including Coco Chanel who made it her home for 30 years.