Great Plate

I am in love with these simple ceramics designed by Scottish designer Donna Wilson, and its fair to say the cat plate will be soon purchased for my ever growing 'plate wall', its far too nice to put food on top of it! Unfortunately I just missed one of her exhibitions (which always seems to be the way with me!) at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, but I shall be keeping my tiny eyes and ears open for the next one!



Of course it's fair to say any girl would love to go down and attend the many glitzy catwalks of London Fashion Week, but if you're Northern Lass like me you have to make do with checking out the photography in many of the glossy fashion magazines. These two minute sketches by Damien Cuypers provide a different take on LFW adding a fun, quirky and vibrant style to the fashionistas of London. I love the quick and simple style of his drawings and the use of a waxy crayon adds a child like vision to a very mature world.



I love this font called Lemniscate designed by Rositsa Gorolova. It's very delicate and works well with dusky hues and soft images and whats better it's FREE to download here! I'm now waiting for the perfect oppourtunity to use it!



These posters created by designer Anneke Short couldn't be any more spot on when it comes to certain preconceptions about what designers think and do. I'm sure any kind of designer can relate to these quotes and I think they would be particularly good to hang in the studio so certain clients can understand its not that easy this designing mullarkey - if you eish to do so you can purchase them here.


Shot through the heart

So my addiction for all things crystal like and semi precious has revealed itself again, but it's no wonder why when you cast your peepers on these necklaces and bullet pendants made by Unearthen. Each as individual and bespoke as the other, these one of a kind hand made beauties are presented in a unusual wooden box with elements of nature, and includes a booklet outlining the properties of the crystal. I do warn though, if you are as much as jewelry fanatic as me it is probably best you don't take a look at the website, it could leave you bankrupt...


creepy crawlies

I love the idea of this art installation of little 'not so creepy' golden roaches which were secretly smuggled into different galleries around the world. The idea came from designer and visual artist Kiss Miklos (who has lots of other lovely work on his site which is definitely worth a visit) but unfortunately I have missed the boat on this one as the insects did a tour of museums and galleries at the end of last year, but I'm hoping they might come out of the woodwork again soon! To take a more detailed look at his project just click here.



I love these geometric fabric designs by Suzanne Antonelli. Designed digitally and manually with different printing techniques making some very pretty and unusual patterns that are sure to grab the attention of anyone. I would love a couple of cushions (not that I haven't got enough already) in some of these patterns, I've just picked a couple of my faves but there are plenty more to view at her website here.


Made Up

I have always admired the packaging for Topshop's range of makeup and I've finally found out the talented lady behind the designs, Sarah Thorne. I love the palette of colour which she uses and the type face which looks like its been written with an eye liner which fits in perfectly with the products. You can view some more of her lovely work here.