Loving this creation of geode street art by A Common Name. These intricate little paper sculptures are found in the streets of L.A in empty holes and pipes of the planned out city. I like the clever contrast of something you would usually find in a natural environment popping up in unexpected street locations. If I ever take a trip to L.A I shall keep an eye out for the interesting little treasures amongst the bricks.



Gracing the pages of French Vogue this month are these gorgeous images, a result of a collaboration between Tim Walker and Grace Coddington. With not only one of the most iconic supermodel's Kate Moss taking centre stage, these photos are also set in probably the most iconic hotel in the world, The Ritz - Paris. With The Ritz taking a huge renovation (which will not be revealed until 2014) this is a fashionable farewell to a great hotel that has been first choice to some of the legends of fashion, including Coco Chanel who made it her home for 30 years.



The absolutely mind blowing drawings, yes you heard me right DRAWINGS of Paul Cadden. Its ridiculous to think anyone could be this talented with just a pencil - amazing.



My friend has taken it upon herself to create a monthly music event that will benefit different charities that support girls. The event is for a great cause and is organised by girls - for girls, therefore every one is female including the djs, photographers and of course myself (I have created all the branding). The first charity to benefit from the Girl Power Party will be girleffect.org which gives support to girls in third world countries. Its great to be involved in something that will bring great help to those in need, so girls of London get to the White Horse, Hoxton on the 30th March and show some GIRL POWER.



I have always wanted to visit Austria for the History, Architecture, Art & Culture and now to add to this list -  The Wiesler Hotel. The hotel sits in the heart of Graz, and not only being a great place to sleep it's also filled with originality, inspiration and design with alot of history too. The Hotel states that it has "97 rooms waiting to be filled with your stories and memories" and I know I would definitely like to make the visit and make some of my own memories there - a little trip may have to be booked soon...



Tonight I will be hitting the road and heading to the south side of Yorkshire to enjoy some traditional Sheffield food at a restaurant I've been itching to try for a while now, Silversmiths. Whilst taking a sneak peek at their website to check out what I will be drooling over later tonight, I came across their lovely brand and gorgeous food photography. After some quick research I found the Sheffield Design Agency which produced it all, 93ft, which are based in The Chimney House in Kelham Island. The colours, font and paper used reflects the rustic, warm and hearty menu on offer and now I'm even more excited to visit.


My Design _ Zephyr

A quick snippet of one of my more recent design projects for Zephyr, an interior design company in London. I will shortly be adding the rest of the brand to my portfolio, but you can take a look at the website here

lovely sofia

I absolutely love this brand design for Sofia, a building designed by architect Cesar Pelli for One Development Group in San Pedro, Mexico. The attention to detail with the custom type face and regal like colours bring a greatness to the brand which reflects that of the building. The brand was created by one of my most favourite agencies Anagrama who have many more gorgeous brand design's to view on their website here


Just when I thought my love for all things Amethyst couldn't get any bigger Karl Lagerfeld pulls this little gem out at PFW - and just when you think the Chanel catwalks couldn't get any better.



Here are just a few pictures I took on a recent walk with some friends through the Yorkshire Dales. I finally got to practice with my new camera and it didn't fail to take some lovely pics. Since I moved further away from the bustle of the city centre I've turned into a bit of a rambler, but them steep hills are worth the hike when there is a pale ale waiting for you when you come back down!