Print isn't dead

Last weekend some friends and I went to check out the Print Fair that was hosted at Leeds Gallery. Being part of the Leeds Print Festival it showcased some lovely printed design work from the local talent. One of my favorite pieces had to be what I like to call the "Egg Mixer"  (Graphic designer turned inventor Arthur Carey probably has a more technical name for the ingenious music maker). At first glance you could mistake it for just a collection of birds egg's until closer inspection you realise each egg produces a different sound, rift or beat once turned - amazing. As my camera is currently staying over at a friends I must thank my friend Native Meadows for the lovely pics!


Dance Down Under

I love the subtle and dusky pastel hues used in this advertising campaign for Melbourne Dance Company. The geometric style font used by design agency Timotejos works well in contrast with the colour's and delicate form of the ballerina and I love how the letters tangle themselves around her.


'life is sweet'

I love the branding and design for 'Cioccolato', a little pastry boutique that specialises in custom deserts for special events. I like how the interior of the shop is kept simple, clean and white with a few quirky splodges of chocolate sliding off the displays - letting their intricate and vibrant deserts do the talking. The brand was created by design studio Savvy who's website features lots more lovely work like this.


Proper copper

Really liking these handmade copper letters, they make a lovely eye catching font and work really together. I can see them working well on large format posters to create an attention grabbing statement, I'm also a big fan of the copper colour, it gives them a really pretty effect. You can buy this font here.


Tinsel and tassels

I have fallen head over heels for these gorgeous decorations designed by Confetti System. They are so unusual and eye catching and I love the use of pastel colours and gold together.  I may have to dream up an excuse for a party just so I can decorate the whole house with them, or I could just keep a sneaky sparkly pinata in the corner of my room - either way something from their equally as gorgeous website will be purchased!



I am completely mesmorised by these paintings (yes paintings, I find it hard to believe too) by Toronto-based artist Carly Waito. Not to sound too much like a raging hippy but I'm big into crystals and precious stones at the moment, I bought a huge block of some for my fireplace recently and now I'm yearning after one of these delicate paintings. I love images such as these where you can't tell if they are real photo's or not, it takes great talent which Carly clearly has lots of! - you can view her other beautiful pieces here.

More Four

This is the vibrant new ident for More 4 created by Design Agency ManvsMachine. After winning a competitive pitch, Channel 4 commissioned ManvsMachine to create a new brand identity and on-air look for More4. I love the use of bold colours and the flips and folds of the logo which are used to represent the vibrant nature of the channel with its board range of programmes including food culture, fashion and interiors.  I'm looking forward to see the brand working on air but if like me you can't wait to have a look you can get a sneak peek at the commercial ident's here as well as looking at Man Vs Machines other lovely work.


Under water love

I'm loving these magical images taken by American photographer Neil Craver, the female sillhouettes create beautiful shapes underneath the twinkly sun dappled water making me want to jump into my cossie and go for a swim. Its a lovely study of the human form under the floaty effect of emerald liquid and bubbles. To view more of his work just click here.


Lighten Up

I love these quirky light bulbs designed by Plumen - 'The worlds first designer energy saving light bulb' - so not only do they look great but they also save energy! I especially love the bulb being used in the desk light, it's a lovely finishing touch which I might have to add to my own lamp - making the bulb also the design feature rather than just the shade.


Kitten Kisses

I love these quirky little lipsticks from Paul & Joe, the colour's are lovely and the pretty retro packaging adds a bit of fun to your make-up bag! Whats more they feature my fave - CATS! the only down side, I wouldn't be able to bring myself to use them and ruin the way they looked! If you're more than happy to use them then you can purchase them here


Flower Power

I love these images taken by photographer Kari Herer. They are so pretty and delicate and would make a large impact on anyone's wall. As well as antlers creating great artwork the other great thing about them is they drop off every year and grow back bigger so no animals are harmed to create these lovely images - another purchase perhaps? I will soon be running out of wall space!


Dem Bones

I've always had a thing for skulls - a bit strange I know but like I've mentioned before I find that they can create very interesting shapes and can be used in a variety of ways to create beautiful jewelery, fashion and artwork. My friends obviously know me very well and for my birthday I received this lovely little book all about skulls and also a crystal vodka skull head shot glass! Both of which I absolutely love! If your as fascinated as me about skulls it's a good little book to purchase, one I shall be drawing some inspiration from in the future.