It must be love...

Tonight I went along to Creative Networks at Leeds College of Art and Design with some work collegues and friends to see Richard Wheater give a talk on his neon art. As I've previously posted I'm a lover of all things neon and it was great to hear a professional talk about their love for it and how it all works.

We got to see some great pieces of his work and learnt about his most recent project '12 Months of Neon Love" in which he has collaborated with Victoria Lucas. The project started on Valentines day and since then, each month, a quote from a famous love song has been erected in large red neon letters above the Neon Workshop in Wakefield, visible from the railway for all commuters to see. So far 8 quotes have been erected and there's just 4 more to go until Valentines Day next year when the project will come to an end. After each sign is replaced by the next quote it is auctioned off on Ebay on the 14th of every month - for any hopeless romantics out there, the perfect engagement pressie or what?!

Although these heart felt signs must bring a smile to most passers by whilst on their dreary commute into work, its hard to think the council ever wanted to take them down! But after a protest and lots of petitioning (including a signature from Jarvis Cocker!) they won the battle to leave them up - and rightly so.

My passion for neon has grown tenfold tonight and I'm keen on checking out the Neon Workshop to give it a go myself, and with it being the 100th Anniversary of Neon next year with celebrations and exhibitions being held in Paris, what better time to start?

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  1. i've never seen neon art before! very cool