Secret Bar

I love meeting up with friends and going out for a good dance and when you stumble across a new bar hidden away in the centre of Leeds, it makes the night even better. From the outside, there are no signs, no indication that it's there, the only give away are two bouncers stood outside an intriguing doorway and curiosity gets the better of you. When you enter the bar you climb an elaborate staircase, lined with the prettiest Victorian tiles to some rather large doors with an 'M' for a handle - at this point we still don't know the name of this place. On the other side sits a softly lit bar, small and intimate with pillar candles and roses on each table. It's then when we take a seat we learn the name of the bar from the top of the cocktail menu - "The Maven". Its needless to say a lotta cocktails were drunk! - including a rather large Hendrix Gin punch bowl, which I think was to blame for some very interesting dance moves later on in the night. If you live in Leeds and love cocktails it's definitely worth finding...

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