We are the night

I have recently been trawling Ebay for a gig poster for one of my room's at home. Seen as I have filled the house with girly artwork I thought it would be best I get something that both me and my partner liked. It isn't often that I find a band/dj that I really like as much as the album artwork, I usually like one more than the other and wasn't prepared to put some band on the wall I 'kinda' liked.

However my Ebay searches paid off when I came across a very large 5ft promo poster of the Chemical Brother's album 'We are the night' . I had totally forgot about how much I loved the album artwork by Kate Gibb, I love her stick and paste collage style and the fact that it involves eyes, hands and stars is a winner for me. Not only do I love the artwork but me and my partner both love the album too -  it brings back lots of memories for us as we saw them and their amazing light show at many festivals so its nice to have something we can both relate to! There's just one more little thing I have to find though before it can take pride of place on our wall...,the world's largest frame!

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