Feeling Feline

I am a self confessed, massive cat lover, but unfortunately my partner does not share the same interest in the small furry things as I do because he is very allergic to them - so there's no hope in hell of me ever being a crazy old cat lady! (a secret ambition of mine) But whilst taking a look at Australian label Stylestalker's lookbook I realised I'm not the only one who shares a passion for all things cat related. Russian born, Melbourne based model Anja Konstantinova also admits she is 'quite obsessed' with cats and has taken the obsession even further with four cat related tattoos and even compares herself to the animal. It's not hard to see why from the amazing photo's from this season's lookbook, they make me think that some sort of feline related costume could be on the cards for halloween? - maybe minus the tattoos though...

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