Over the rainbow

The weather really can't make it's mind up today! One minute its sunny, the next thing you know there's a down pour of hailstone?! Although it's turned out dismal now we did have some beautiful rainbows over Leeds this morning, which reminded me of one of my favourite websites. It is called 'Here's looking at hue' - I love to look at this site now and again, pull some inspiration and get some ideas, or simply just to look at the pretty pictures. Each page of the website is a different colour and they host a number of lovely images which fall into the different colours of the rainbow. It's such a simple idea but the images look really effective when they are all colour coded and placed together, confirming that the best ideas are usually the simplest. I've pulled a few of my favourite images off to create my own little rainbow as we'll probably not see one for a while now Autumn has set in!

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