Silent Film

I've just come back from a lovely weekend in London where the weather was perfect for wandering around the capital with my friends, and we got to see lots of interesting things! The only downer was that the exhibition I really wanted to see decided to stop working when we arrived, sods law I suppose - not everything can be perfect!

The exhibition was Tacita Dean's 35mm Silent Film, currently showing in the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern. Its an 11 meter high projection to show case her love for the medium of film in all its glory. With positive responses from the Independent and the Guardian I was really looking forward to it, but unfortunately me and my friends only got to see the dark walls of the Turbine. Whilst we were sat on the floor staring up at the large blank screen I could imagine that the film would light up the large hall and look really effective, providing a small break from the bustle of busy London.

With the technical hiccup we had to leave disappointed, but these things happen! The exhibition does run until next March though so I may have to chance to go see it again - surely it can't break down twice?!

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